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Jacob Aagaard Simul

June 28, 2008

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It was quite a show! It started promptly at 10.30am and finished just on 4.30pm. Taking on 12 boards continously, GM Jacob Aagaard played against 101 players throught the non-stop 6 hour session scoring 82 wins, 12 draws, 7 losses. Keith Ruxton was the highest graded player there ( I think) and very sportingly sat down to play (Thanks Keith!), that game was one of the draws. A total of £600 was raised for charity. Players from all over Scotland took part, the furthest flung being from Inverness and Oban. There were a good number of players from further afield, Canada, Eire, Australia, Germany, (visitors to Kelvingrove) were some I picked up on. Spectators were drawn to this event and in fact blocked some of the passageway at times. It was a great advert for Scottish chess in general and Glasgow Chess in particular.

There were quite a few primary school children who came from far and wide to play. Some as young as 5! (Andy Muirs daughter Catherine for instance).

Special thanks to my co-organisors Trevor (and Angharad!) Davies, Ann and (and Catherine!) Madeson. Thanks also to Sean Groundwater (Glasgow Montrose) for taking so many splendid photographs and Chris Perkin (Glasgow Montrose) for helping to set up this morning. Thanks also to Bearsden Chess Club for the use of two of their sets and boards to put alongside the Championship ones.

A very, very warm thanks to all who turned up today, for it was you who made this event what it truly was, spectacular!

Thanks also to our sponsors, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum and Quality Chess for donating book prizes to the winners.

John Dempsey

photos above by Sean Groundwater


Jacob AagaardPreview: On the 28th of June, British Chess Champion Jacob Aagaard will play a simultaneous display in the Kelvingrove Art Gallery, starting at 10.30.

Jacob will be playing 12 people at the same time. Every time a game finishes a new player can join.

Participation will cost 5 pounds.

To register, just show up on the day! It will be possible to play again if you have a particular taste for revenge.

All income will go to two charity projects, to fund the building of an extension to St Silas Church in the West End and to a fund which will be registered later this year, which will have the objective to support the development of high level chess in Scotland, by organising training and tournaments.

Jacob Aagaard, 34, is a grandmaster of chess and the current British Champion.

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