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Bob Clapham: 20th Sep 1945 - 26th May 2005

It is with great sadness that Castlehill club announce that Robert E. (Bob) Clapham passed away on 26th. May 2005 after been plagued by periods of ill-health for several years. Bob was an idiosyncratic character rarely, if ever, seen without a hat and coat that were not parted from him before, during or after matches. Despite possessing a fine mind - he was also a talented composer, pianist and theologist - he was characterised within Castlehill by an almost complete lack of ability to remember match dates, frequently forgetting to turn up. Nevertheless it was hard to be irritated by this because he was such a nice man, a real gentleman without a bad word to say of anyone. He was a humble and generous chess player who would praise his opponents' efforts whilst remaining modest of his own play. Bob's last major chess achievement was in winning the Scottish Seniors Tournament in 2003. He will be missed by all who knew him.

Keith Rose

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