British Championships 2001


29th July to Saturday 11th August

Live Coverage

Friday: August 10. John Shaw's valiant quest for a GM norm may have been in vain despite a final round win today. Shaw's score of 7/11 may not be quite sufficient for his first norm. Official confirmation will follow from the organisers. The rest of the Scottish contingent finished as follows. Jonathan Rowson 7/11; Neil Berry 5.5, Elaine Rutherford 4. GM Joe Gallagher took outright first after a five (!) move draw in the final round - and none of the other contenders were able to catch up.

Thursday: August 9. Well we all already knew chess was a cruel game. Today John Shaw faced John Emms, his eighth successive GM opponent. As in yesterday's loss to Gallagher an uncomfortable position gradually worsened. We understand that John has not made a GM norm with his scores over 9 or 10 rounds - tomorrow's last round would be a good time to rediscover the earlier fine form.

Wednesday: August 8. John Shaw's magnificent run was halted by GM Joe Gallagher of Switzerland (I thought they were neutral - how come he gets to play in the British anyway - WE NEED TO KNOW). John was never completely comfortable out of yet another Rossolimo Sicilian and GM Joe wrapped up the point well. John may have achieved a GM norm even after this loss - the arithmetic will need to be checked. Gallagher leads on his own with two rounds to go - but it's still possible for several players to win.

Tuesday: August 7. John Shaw continues his terrific run with a comfortable draw as black against GM Peter Wells. However this has allowed GM Joe Gallagher (I thought he was Swiss now) and more ominously multi-Brit winner GM Julian Hodgson to catch up. There is now a three way tie on 6/8. The top three prizes are £10,000; £2500 and £1500.

Monday: August 6. John Shaw of Kilmarnock has taken the outright lead in the British Championship currently underway in Scarborough. He defeated former champion Chris Ward in fine style in today's 7th round. His score of 5.5/7 is half a point clear of the trailing GM pack.

A GM norm may now be a minor ambition compared to the chance of becoming the first Scot to secure British triumph since R.F.Combe in 1946

The British Championships, sponsored by Smith & Williamson, take place at The Spa Centre, Scarborough, from Sunday 29th July to Saturday 11th August.

GM Jonathan Rowson, IM John Shaw, Neil Berry and Elaine Rutherford head the Scottish challenge.
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Photos below from Scarborough by JBH

GM Jonathan Rowson IM John Shaw