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BWCA Championships

Elmbank Hotel, York
9-10 February , 2008

Three Scottish girls participated in this event which was held at the Elmbank Hotel in York from 9 - 10 February.  Amy Officer played in the British Women's Rapidplay Championships and finished in joint first place with 5 points from 6 games.  She shares the British Womens' Rapidplay title with English junior internationalist, Sarah Hegarty.  Amy also won the U/16 Championship.

Alice Lampard and Morven Petrie played in the BWCA National Girls' Championships with Alice finishing in 2nd place in the U/12 section and Morven took 3rd place in the U/11 section.  Alice performed particularly well in a combined U/14 and U/12 section holding a fine draw against the top seeded U/14 player, Abigail Pritchard. 

There was a competition for friends and family on the Saturday afternoon and Craig Petrie finshed in 2nd equal position.

The event was organised by Peter Cloudsdale and the arbiters were Alex MacFarlane and Lara Barnes.  During the course of the event, coaching and analysis was provided by WGM Jovanka Houska and WFM Sabrina Chevannes.

Amy Officer Alice Lampard

Donna Officer

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