2,9,16,23,30 August 1999

report by Alistair Maxwell

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This year's competition was missing any 2000+ players despite a last ditch effort by the previous year's winner to enter at 6pm on the first Monday. I felt that this would have been unfair to the other competitors so entry was refused.

The tournament was fairly hard fought but there was a tendency towards timidity (Five players were undefeated at the end of the tournament and there were a relatively high proportion of draws). IM Roddy McKay was judging the best game prize but found it fairly difficult to find any candidates (Just as well he hasn't seen too many of my games recently!). He finally decided which player should win it but had a choice of two games (of which he did show a slight preference for the shorter - good choice Douglas!).

There was a four-way tie for first: Richard Wiltshire, James Hamilton, Vincent Farrell and John McKenna with Farrell edging the trophy on tie-break. Results: 1=V. Farrell (Giffnock), R. Wiltshire (Phones), J. Hamilton (Cathcart), J. McKenna (DnA) 4/5; 1650 + under Grading Prize: R. Loughran (Kilwinning), E. Coleman (DnA) 3/5; 1450 + under Grading Prize: P. Thomson (Knightswood), T. McCabe & A. Tortorella (both Cathcart) 2½/5; Slow Starter: D.M. Livie (Cathcart);

Best Game Prize: R.D. Yates (Kilwinning). Round 1 White: R.D. Yates Black: A. Tortorella 1 d4 Nf6 2 Nc3 d5 3 e4 dxe4 4 f3 e6 5 fxe4 c6 6 Nf3 Be7 7 Bd3 O-O 8 O-O Qc7 9 e5 Nd5 10 a3 Nd7 11 Qe1 Nxc3 12 bxc3 f6 13 Qh4 h6 14 Bxh6 Nb6 15 Bxg7 Kf7 16 Qh5+ 1-0

Round 2 White: P. Thomson Black: R.D. Yates 1 e4 d6 2 d4 Nf6 3 Nc3 c6 4 f4 Qa5 5 Bd3 e5 6 fxe5 dxe5 7 dxe5 Ng4 8 Nf3 Nd7 9 e6 fxe6 10 Ng5 Nde5 11 h3 Nf6 12 Bd2 Qb6 13 Ne2 Nxd3+ 14 cxd3 Bc5 15 Rf1 O-O 16 Nf4 e5 17 Nfe6 Bxe6 18 Nxe6 Rf7 19 Nxc5 Qxc5 20 Bc3 Rd8 21 Qf3 Rdf8 22 Qe2 Nd7 23 Rxf7 Rxf7 24 Kd1 Rf2 25 Qh5 g6 26 d4 Qc4 27 Qg4 Qd3+ 28 Ke1 Qf1# 0-1