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Talk with GM Jonathan Rowson
April 2009

Scotland no.1 GM Jonathan Rowson is interviewed by IM John Watson.

Please click the following links to hear each show.

March 31 show

April 7 show


Tune-in for Chess Talk with IM John Watson on  ICC Chess.FM . John's weekly 60+ minute show will feature an interview with leading chess personalities. All shows run on demand for members after airing.

This week (Tue., April 7), returning to join John for part two of a special Chess Talk will be former three-time British champion and Scottish No.1, GM Jonathan Rowson.

After a period of nearly 60 years without a Scot winning the British championship title, Jonathan shot to fame on the back of three back-to-back titles from the period 2004 to 2006.  He's also recognized as one of the world's top authors and writers on the game, with his first three books for Gambit Publications, Understanding the Grunfeld, The Seven Deadly Chess Sins and Chess for Zebras being critically acclaimed. 

Jonathan also writes a weekly chess column for The Herald in Scotland, and a popular columnist for New In Chess magazine, where he writes the Book Review column. 


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