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(Chess in Schools and Communities Conference)
30 August 1 September 2007, University of Aberdeen

The first international Chess in Schools and Communities Conference to be held in the UK (Aberdeen University 29 August-1 September) went very well with an excellent range of international participants. The idea to bring together academic researchers and active "chess in the schools" practitioners was a huge success, with each "side" coming at the same sets of problems from different angles to mutual benefit.

"The event concluded with a commitment to setting up a shared international website to exchange, papers and views and generate contacts and there is every likelihood that the event will be held again in two years time, possibly again in Aberdeen. Chess Scotland was represented by Jonathan Rowson, Donald Wilson, Donna and Amy Officer, Stephen Hilton and Craig Pritchett, who all presented. Here is a link to the presentation given on "Promoting more chess in schools - Chess Scotland's Challenges".

Susan Polgar on CISCCON

Susan Polgar on Aberdeen

CISCCON Introduction


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