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Dunfermline-Glenrothes Annual Fife Chess Challenge 2006


The second annual Fife Chess Challenge Match between Glenrothes and Dunfermline took place on September 11. The match was even tighter than last year's narrow inaugural victory for Dunfermline

With sixteen matches played, blunders and breaks tended to even themselves out so Iain Robertson's top board blunder against Manuel Perez Carballo, while three pawns to the good, was cancelled out by Pete Selbie's similar mistake against Dunfermline 's Peter Horne. In the end, everything hinged on the last game to finish between Glenrothes' Stuart Blyth and Calum Smith of Dunfermline . With Glenrothes down 7-8 in the match and down the exchange in the game, thinks looked bleak. As is often the case, though, time pressure led to indecision on the part of the Dunfermline player and Glenrothes pulled it back to 8-8, taking the match on tiebreak.


The players retired to a local hostelry, where all present declared the match a great success.


Report by Stuart Blyth

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