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Edinburgh FIDE rating event

October 12-20, 2002

Willie Rutherford of Edinburgh Chess Club organised two all play all tournaments in the Alva Street premises of Edinburgh Chess Club over two successive weekends in October. The event was designed to generate new FIDE ratings. A complete list of current FIDE rating for Scots is available here. FIDE now publish ratings down to 1801 level so this expands greatly the number of players with the potential to become listed.

IA Alex McFarlane has produced a spreadsheet below with the RU (New) figure giving Alex's calculation of new ratings achieved. The right hand column is the rating points won/lost by the previously rated players. Some of the new players may have other FIDE results from other events eg Ed Spencer also has 8 qualifying results from the Scottish Championships. The players with estimates above 1800 should be published in the next FIDE rating list is January 2003.

Crosstable Event A

Crosstable Event B

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