Edinburgh Boy plays Kramnik

September 5, 2001

11-year-old Andrew Green of Edinburgh plays World Champion Vladimir Kramnik in a simultaneous game at the clubkasparov.com website on September 5. Andrew is one of 10 players from around the world who will play the champion. Surfers can log in to view the contest free of charge.

Andrew moved north to Scotland from Wimbledon in London last year. Over the summer he received training from WFM Elaine Rutherford at Edinburgh Chess Club. Andrew has gained an excellent 2000+ rating from his play at the ClubKasparov site.

Andrew is pictured below at his home in Edinburgh. He is greatly looking forward to the challenge of taking on the man who defeated Kasparov. (Photos by JBH).

Andrew ready for the contest
Kramnik in relaxed mood
We'll see if he knows MCO
That's got him thinking

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Scotsman SEP 7 by JBH:

IT'S not everyone that can say they have come up against a reigning world champion, but this was the situation 11- year-old Andrew Green from Morningside in Edinburgh found himself in when he came interface to interface with Vladimir Kramnik in Moscow.

The Mary Erskine and Stewart Melville's Junior school pupil was one of ten lucky people from around the world to be randomly selected to play Kramnik, Garry Kasparov's nemesis, in a special ten-board Internet simultaneous match, hosted on the former world champion's web site, KasparovChess.com, on Wednesday evening.

Not only was he the youngest competitor in the special match-up, he was also the only player in the UK to take part in the international line-up that included players from Egypt, Austria, USA (Alaska, Maryland, New Jersey, Kentucky, Mississippi) and Italy.

Andrew, who moved north from Wimbledon in London last year, is a new recruit to Edinburgh Chess Club and Chess Scotland. He was "surprised but delighted" to have been chosen to be one of Kramnik's final opponents before the champion heads to Bahrain for his $1m Man vs. Machine Brain Games showdown with the top computer program, Deep Fritz.

During his summer holidays he received training from WFM Elaine Rutherford at Edinburgh Chess Club and has gained an above average 2000+ rating on the Playing Zone at the KasparovChess site. Thousands of spectators tuned in to the special online simultaneous exhibition that publicised the Champions Club on the site, and weren't disappointed as the reigning BGN champion showed no mercy with a ruthless performance to notch-up a 10-0 win over the selected Champions Club members.

Club Kasparov Press Release: PLAYERS SELECTED FOR KRAMNIK SIMUL IN THE KC PLAYING ZONE! On Wednesday, September 5 at 16:30 GMT, 12:30pm EDT, World Champion Vladimir Kramnik will be in the KC Playing Zone to play a simultaneous exhibition against 10 Champions Club members! (Everyone can watch!) The 10 players and 7 alternates were selected completely at random (after deleting the duplicates from the tricky people who entered more than once...). Here are the players, in order by board number, and the alternates are also in order. Congratulations to all, and good luck! PLAYERS ALTERNATES 1 - laraA 1 - TonB 2 - andrewgreen 2 - vsturgeon 3 - Verbal_Kint 3 - BRIGNONE 4 - oldfart 4 - Darksquare 5 - heshammarei 5 - J_Kondos 6 - carrja 6 - MvdStokker 7 - karpovcrusher 7 - Miechen 8 - Aslan777 9 - menander 10 - slford

CHAMP SHOWS NO MERCY TO CHAMPIONS CLUB MEMBERS Well, you can't say we didn't warn you! The World Champion came to play and he didn't fool around, notching a 10-0 sweep against 10 Champions Club members. Vladimir Kramnik was not ruffled in any of the games and did not break a sweat in front of thousands of spectators in the Playing Zone. Congratulations to the Champ and to all the players. Of the games, the World Champion mentioned player "vsturgeon" as being "the most stubborn." (And this from a game that lasted 24 moves. Yikes.) We've really got to get him next time, start preparing! And if you haven't joined the Champions Club yet, do it now! Follow the link on the right for photos and to view and download the games. 1) Kramnik - laraA 1-0, 25 (moves) 2) Kramnik - andrewgreen 1-0, 34 3) Kramnik - Verbal_Kint 1-0, 30 4) Kramnik - oldfart 1-0, 26 5) Kramnik - heshammarei 1-0, 36 6) Kramnik - BRIGNONE 1-0, 25 7) Kramnik - vsturgeon 1-0, 24 8) Kramnik - Aslan777 1-0, 23 9) Kramnik - MvdStokker 1-0, 47 10) Kramnik - slford 1-0, 48