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Grunwald Cup


September 11-18, 2005

by Stephen Hilton

I finished with four and a half points from nine games in the Grunwald Cup tournament for blind and partially sighted players. All my opponents were FIDE rated so I have qualified for a FIDE rating. The winner was Piotr Dukaczewski of Poland, with Sergey Krylov of Russia in second place and Mrs Lubo Ziltsova of the Ukraine in 3rd. I finished in 17th place having been seeded 32nd of the 33 players!

The highlight for me was a meeting in round 7 with the former World Braille Champion Vladimir Berlinsky of Russia.

Download a PGN file of the games

Here is a list of my opponents:

Zigmunt Siluk  (Poland) 2048

Zdzislaw Wojciesin (Poland) 2179

Marcin Chojnoivsky (Poland) 2185

Jan Walczak (Poland) 1801

Eugeniusz Rutkowski (Poland) 1996

Roman Staruch (Poland) 2010

Vladimir Berlinsky (Russia) 2328

Bogdan Rutkowski (Poland) 1937

Marian Kowalczyk Poland 2080

I feel I have achieved a lot as a Braille Chessplayer over the summer, with this tournament and also my performance in the British Braille Championships in August. I am pleased to have achieved a FIDE rating in Poland, not the easiest place to achieve one!

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