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Hastings Open Knockout
Incorporating the Premier and Challengers

A 10 round event
Tuesday 28 December 2004 to Thursday 6 January 2005

All players taking part in this afternoon event will play in a knockout in the first round. The second knockout round will consist of the winners, plus the lucky losers from the first round to make the numbers 64 or 128 depending on the number of entrants. Where games are initially drawn the player continuing in the knockout will be decided by blitz games.

The losers from Round 1 will start the Challengers , a Swiss, in round 2 carrying forward the result of their first game in the knockout.

The knockout continues until Round 5 if there are 128 or fewer contestants initially. The remaining eight players will now play the Premier . This continues to be a knockout but now of two game matches. All players knocked out will continue in the Challengers, carrying forward their scores in the standard play games. The winner of the Premier will be decided by blitz games if the final match is drawn 1-1.

Rate of play. White 40 moves in 70 minutes, Black 40 moves in 90 minutes; both with the addition of one minute for each move from the first.

Rowson wins Hastings 2003-2004

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