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It's K v K...again

Anatoly Karpov Garry Kasparov
Anatoly Karpov
Garry Kasparov

Anatoly Karpov was the surprise winner of a four game RAPIDPLAY match against his long time adversary Garry Kasparov. The match took place in New York, December 19th-20th 2002 in the ABC Studios in Times Square. The Kasparov - Sting event took place there previously. 2 Games 25 mins + 10 secs were played each day. Kasparov won Game 1, Karpov 2 and 3, draw Game 4.

Chessbase match report

John Henderson OF the SCOTSMAN was on the spot and supplied some excellent photos. The stars are met by illusionist David Blaine who picked the colours at the opening ceremony. The K's try out the 3D glasses provided by the match sponsor.

Some shots of New York include the famous store Macy's and the Ice Rink outside the Rockefeller Centre - Since it first opened on Christmas Day, 1936, the Rink has attracted over a quarter million people each year.

TWIC reports.

X3D Technologies at, will broadcast the event live in
eXtreme 3D, presenting Kasparov and Karpov floating in space inside and in
front of the computer screen.

JBH reporting direct from New York...

"Life is simply fantastic in the US of A, with the possible exception of
Dubya ("Can we shoot yet, Dick? Can we, can we? Can we fire now?").

Well, my boyhood dream (one of them at least - the other involves Debbie
Harry from Blondie!) has finally come true - meeting Santa at Macy's.
He asked Mig and me what we wanted for Christmas. I asked for the big
red Fire Engine I always wanted as a kid. Mig asked for a real job!

I'm hoping to try and get the two Ks to pose on Times Square with the
Naked Guitar Man, who works right across from where they will be
playing. I don't know how he does it - minus 3 and he performs 9am-6pm
daily with only a guitar, cowboy boots, hat and his underwear! Only in

Santa's Grotto
Santa's Grotto
Santa's Grotto
Naked Guitar Man
Rockefeller Centre

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