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Jonathan Rowson Simul

Perth Concert Hall
11am March 20, 2010

Rowson plus Thomas brosGrand Master Jonathan Rowson , three times British Champion, today in the Perth Concert Hall played 25 players simultaneously, starting at 11.00.  The event was preceded by a welcome from Deputy Provost of Perth, Councillor Willie Wilson and the presentation of awards to young school children from Aberdeen who had gained the Jonathan Rowson Awards for attainment in chess, sponsored by Aberdeen City Council.

During a three and a half hour session the Grand Master defeated 23 players, suffered no defeats and conceded two draws.

The players forcing draws were John Wilman of Castlehill Chess Club, Dundee, and Daniel Thomas a 13 year old of the East Kilbride Chess Club, from Newton Mearns, Glasgow.  Michael Roth of the Perth Chess club was last player to finish having a good position but losing at the very end.  He lasted 62 moves. The youngest player, a six year old from Aberdeen, and award winner, was among the last to finish. Interestingly the first player resigned after one hour 35 minutes of play with a majority resigning around the two and a half hour mark. 

Play over game

Preview: Jonathan RowsonBorn in Aberdeen and a former pupil of Aberdeen Grammar School, Grandmaster Jonathan Rowson is Scotland's strongest ever player winning the Scottish Championship three times and was the British chess champion for three consecutive years, from 2004 to 2006.

Jonathan views chess as a form of praxis in which we come to understand better our own natures. He has written accessible books (The Seven Deadly Chess Sins and Chess for Zebras) on the subject that have been translated into several foreign languages. He has written for The New Statesman magazine, and has been featured on BBC Radio and Television. He writes the weekly chess column in the Herald.

Jonathan is currently is a senior researcher at RSA, a think tank in London. He holds a first-class degree in politics, philosophy and economics from Oxford University; a Master’s in education from Harvard University in Mind, Brain and Education; and a PhD from Bristol University. His doctoral thesis examines the concept of wisdom and the challenge of overcoming psychosocial constraints that prevent people from becoming wiser. Earlier this month he was awarded ‘Chess Educator of the Year’ 2010 by the University of Texas, Dallas, the first International recipient.

He is married and lives with his wife and child in London.


10.50 Welcome by Deputy Provost Willie Wilson, Perth and Kinross.

Presentation of the Jonathan Rowson Awards

Scottish Boy Chess Player of 2009 to Clement Sreeves

Rowson/ Aberdeen Chess Academy Awards, Module 3 to Vagif Ramazanov, Nihad and Murad Abdulla

Play Commences 11.00

List of Players.
The list of players consists of prize winners from the Perth 800 Chess Festival and three organisers of the
various tournaments.

John Wilman, Castlehill CC Dundee,
Reuben Green, Balloch PS, Inverness
Daniel Thomas, East Kilbride CC, Newton Mearns
Matthew Thomas, East Kilbride CC, N/Mearns
Ben He, Tiger Cubs CC, Edinburgh.
Peter Devenny, Cathcart CC, Barrhead.
Wenbo Chen, Sciennes PS, Edinburgh
Vagif Ramazanov, Aberdeen Chess Academy.
Vasif Ramazanov, Bon Accord CC, Aberdeen.
Darren Rank, Giffnock CC, Newton Mearns
Clement Sreeves, Dalmuir CC Rhu.
Paul Macdonald, Glasgow Montrose CC, Glasgow
Derek Birkett, Inverness CC.
Jonny Scott, James Gillespie HS, Edinburgh
Mahir Abdulla, Bon Accord CC, Aberdeen.
Murad Abdulla, Aberdeen Chess Academy
Nihad Abdulla, Aberdeen Chess Academy
Martin Gourlay, Perth CC
Walter Burnett
, Wandering Dragons CC Edinburgh
Amy Officer, WFM, Carse O Gowrie CC, Perth
William Platts, Wandering Dragons CC Edinburgh
Jamie Underwood, Sciennes PS, Edinburgh
Michael Roth, Perth CC
Randir Koli, Castlehill CC, Dundee
Sandy Dow, Spectraglass, Perth


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