Minutes of Special General Meeting of the Scottish Chess Association held at Edinburgh Chess Club at 1pm on Sunday 18 October 1998.

1 Present: John Glendinning (President), G Anderson, A Banaghan, F Banaghan, D Bond, DM Bryson, M Chapman, S Collins, P Connelly, GR Clarke, B Easton, HS Flockhart, PM Giulian, RA Giulian, J Grant, H Key, M Macleod, ED Martin, W Marshall, A Maxwell, AH McFarlane, A McGowan, LR McKenzie, L Morrison, G Murphy, TE Purkins, MP Roberts, DA Smith, K Stewart, S Young.

2 Apologies: R Bradley; J Gatensby; J Kleboe; M MacDonald; C Macleod; D Macleod; SD Mannion; J Montgomery; M Morrison; AJ Muir; A Plato; D Wilson.

3 Purpose: The purpose of the meeting was to consider the following amendment to the Constitution proposed by Michael Macleod and others: "This Special General Meeting of the Association hereby amends the Constitution of the Association by adding the following additional clause after the existing clause 13 - "14. Human Rights The Association will not send any team or individual to represent Scotland or the Association by playing chess, or provide financial assistance to enable any team or individual to play chess, in any country which abuses human rights. In determining if a country abuses human rights, the Council will rely upon the best information available from the British Government, recognised Human Rights organisations and the broadcast and print media, and also the opinions of the members, whether expressed at an Annual General Meeting or otherwise."

4 Discussion: M Macleod introduced and spoke to the motion. On behalf of the Board, D Bryson spoke about issues relating to the recent Olympiad and K Stewart addressed more general issues. P Giulian commented on previous international matters. There were then shorter contributions from many other members, following which M Macleod summed up his case.

5 Decision: The motion was defeated by 36 votes to 10.

The meeting closed at 2.20pm.

Club Representatives: Glasgow Montrose, S Collins; Giffnock & Clarkston, P Giulian; Lasswade, M Chapman; Edinburgh Civil Service, G Anderson; Cathcart, A Maxwell; Lewis, M Macleod; Edinburgh, W Marshall; Paisley YMCA, A McFarlane. League and Congress Representatives: Glasgow Chess League, S Collins; Glasgow Chess Congress, K Stewart; Lewis & Harris Junior CA, LHJCA Septemeber Open, LHJCA January Open, LHJCA W Isles Jun Champ, LHJCA L&H Schools Champs, LHJCA Western Isles Open; all M Macleod; Edinburgh FIDE rated Congress, W Marshall.