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Training with Tiger

Edinburgh CC
May 10, 2009


The “Training with Tiger” event was successfully moved from Glasgow to Edinburgh , following a low initial entry, where 25 players attended over the course of four days. Tiger proved to be an affable and entertaining speaker who provided a deeply personal insight to “Creativity”. This culminated on the final day with an inspiring session devoted to positional queen sacrifices. Highly recommended!

Some quotes about the event...

“Tiger welcomed comments and made it easy to ask questions.”

“Lots of audience participation and exchange of ideas.”

“Gave inspiration to look at certain ideas myself.”

Tiger tries to convince that two pieces are better than a queen ...whilst the audience remains to be convinced


Player feedback

Players attending were asked to provide feedback with 5 being strongly agree and 1 being strongly disagree. Summary of responses:

Q1. I enjoyed the seminar = 4.8.

Q2. The topic was relevant = 4.4

Q3. I could follow the chess content of the seminar easily = 4.1

Q4. The speaker presented well = 5

Q5. The venue was good = 4.5

Q6. My preferred city venue is...revealed a massive preference for Edinburgh over Glasgow .

Q7. I would attend a future training event = 4.7

Q8. I am most interested in... answers showed very little overlap. Players were looking for a wide variety of different things.

Q9. The best thing about the event was...Tiger!

Q10. The event could be improved by...not much although there was a desire for simpler pricing if attending for less than the full four days.

Thanks to all players who provided feedback which will be used in the planning of future events and to Jacob Aagaard for his organisation. Plans are being put in place for this highly regarded author and trainer who can also play a bit (e.g. 2007 British Champion) to give us his own insights.


Jonathan Grant, International Director





TigerSweden 's highest rated player, Grandmaster Tiger Hillarp Persson (rated 2619 – no. 132 in the world) is giving a series of four lectures Edinburgh CC from Thursday the 7 th of May to Sunday the 10 th of May 2009 .


The subject of the seminar is creativity. Tiger is widely recognised as one of the most inventive players in the game today. Combined with his high understanding of chess, his creativity has led him to get winning positions against some the best players in the world, including the current World Champion.


In his seminar he will discuss the difference between a masterpiece and a spoilt one.


The event will be organised on a non-profit basis. The fee is £100 for attending all four days, 75 for weekend attendence , or £50 for single day attendance .


The timetable is as follows:

Thursday the 7th 6.30 pm – 10.00 pm

Friday the 8 th 6.30 pm – 10.00 pm

Saturday the 9 th 10.00 am – 14.30 pm

Sunday the 10 th 13.00 pm – 17.30 pm

We will aim at going out for a meal together after the training Sunday. As usual there will be drinks and snacks free of charge.

To sign up, please send a cheque signed to Chess Scotland to:

Jacob Aagaard

20 Balvie Road


G62 7TA

Questions at

Edinburgh Chess Club can be found here:



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