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UK Chess Challenge

August 21-22, 2009

Congratulations to  Declan Shafi (U8), Sam Allison (U8) and Fergus Skillen (U10) who were the only Scottish players who attended the last stage of the UK Chess Challenge at the Warwick school in Warwick on 22/23 October.  Declan and Sam both played in the Terafinal and Fergus was in the Challengers section.     

Played as a two day Congress with six rounds,  the Warwick event had almost 200 finalists out of an initial UK entry of 67,000.  Both the Terafinal and Challengers events were very competitive and dominated by teenagers, with the top prize of £2000 being claimed by 13 year old Felix Ynojosa from Berkshire.  Tournament results are available at    

Maybe one day we will see Declan, Sam or Fergus challenge for a top slot in this UK wide event.   

Norman Skillen

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