World Youth Championships

October 10-24, 2000 / Oropesa del Mar, Spain Official Site but the following is probably better

Thirmurugan Thiruchelvam Christopher Macdonald (Sam Collins) Joe Redpath
(Photos: JBH)

Ron MacDonald reports from Spain:

October 24:

Final scores:

U18 David Sime 3.5 (out of 11)

U16 Joe Redpath 6

U14 Colin Hall 5

U12 Chris Macdonald 3.5

Girls U14 Louise Macnab 4.5

October 21: Latest from Spain:

Chris Macdonald Under 12, 3.5

Colin Hall Under 14, 4.5

Joe Redpath Under 16, 4.5

David Sime Under 18, 3

Louise Macnab Girls Under 14, 3

Highlights: Chris enjoyed his 68 move win over Luxembourg. Colin beat his Spanish opponent Jimenez Lopez' Kings Indian in 50 moves. David drew against his 2208 graded Spanish opponent.

Outside of the main arena Chris' mum beat Louise's mum in a four move show down!!. Gail had been taught the Scholars mate by son Christopher in early preparation for this important match !! This follows Gail's victory over Winnie Hall (Colin's Mum) at the World Championships last year ! As I travel back to the UK today, (Saturday ,the teams rest day), this will be my last report from Spain.

October 20: Latest from Spain:

Chris Macdonald Under 12 2.5,

Colin Hall Under 14, 3.5

Joe Redpath Under 16, 4.5

David Sime Under 18, 2.5

Louise Macnab Under 14 Girls, 3

Highlights: Joe continues to lead the pack, agreeing a draw against France yesterday, from a potentialy winning position. Colin, an exchange down against Estonia, was happy to accept a draw with only 24 seconds left on his clock with 5 moves to make, the Estonian had 27 seconds left on his, after spending 20 minutes on the last move. David had a rest day with a bye, however he thrilled one of our younger visitors, Julia, by beating her at chess, while David was blindfold.

October 19: Latest from Spain after 7 rounds:

Chris Macdonald Under 12, 2.5.

Colin Hall Under 14, 3.

Joe Redpath Under 16 4.

David Sime Under 18 1.5.

Louise Macnab Under 14 Girls, 3.

Highlights from Round 7: The whole team went into battle with the black pieces in round 7.

Chris drew against Brazil, a country he lost against 2 years ago. Colin accepted a draw in a winning position, but with only 1 minute 40 seconds left did not have the time to achieve the win. Joe was happy with his draw against the 2234 Lithuanian player Alexsandras Jegoravas.

October 18: Latest from the Scots at Spain. After 6 rounds the scores are as follows:

Chris Macdonald Under 12, 2.

Colin Hall Under 14, 2.5

Joe Redpath Under 16, 3.5

David Sime Under 18, 1.5

Louise Macnab Under 14 Girls, 3

Highlights: Round 6 was great for the Scots scoring 3.5 out of a possible 5.

Colin won easily against the USA after a morning's coaching session identified the line that was actually played.

Joe enjoyed his second best performance ever, by beating the American Junior Champion, Vinay Bhat (2396) in a tough and long match, in which Joe defended well, before closing his opponent down with an excellent counter attack.

David under severe time pressure, offered a draw from a potentially winning position, and his opponent was obviously relieved to accept.

Louise played against the highly experienced Sarah Brethauer, (Germany, ) Louise attacking from the start with the white pieces, enjoyed a comfortable game in which she was never really in any danger.

October 17:The latest from The World Youth Championships in Spain after round 5.

The scores now look like this:

Chris Macdonald Under 12, 2

Colin Hall Under 14, 1.5

Joe Redpath Under 16, 2.5

David Sime Under 18, 1

Louise Macnab Under 14 Girls, 2

Highlights: Louise once again thrilled the team by drawing against the 5th seed Croatian Kristina Solic 2177. Colin met an old adversary in the shape of Portugal's Joao Simoes, Joao managed to beat Colin at the World Championships last year. This year however Colin was White and determined for a win. This he achieved after 5 hours and 57 minutes, in a time scramble against the clock. Colin's game was the second last to finish out of the 850 games being played in the tournament hall.

Joe Redpath now leads the pack with a 50 % score, after drawing against Bosse Lindberg from Sweden 2159. Joe goes into the 6th round against the 6th seed, America's Vinay Bhat 2396 Chris Macdonald in the Under 12 Championship has faced the big guns after his win against England. So far in the tournament he has played against the following grades : 2255, 2218, 2196 and 2154. Against this opposition a 2 out of 5 score seems respectable for our 1605 rated under 12 player!

October 14: I've got my lap top across with me in Spain so I can give you regular updates on this event.

First of all the team at the World Championships congratulate the European Championship Team in doing so well.

After 3 rounds the score is as follows:

Chris Macdonald Under 12, 2 points

Colin Hall Under 14, 0.5 Points

Joe Redpath Under 16, 1 point

David Sime Under 18, 1 Point

Louise Macnab Under 14, Girls 1.5 Points

Highlights so far: Chris and Louise enjoyed their best tournament game performance ever in round 3. Chris beat the English Number 1 (and sixth seed in this tournament) Thirmurugan Thiruchelvam graded 2218 after 83 moves in round 3. Louise in her first World Championship drew against 9th seed Tania Sachdev, (India) graded 2131.

Macdonald Chris,S (1605) - Thiruchelvan T,E (2218) [A25] World Spain3 U12, 14.10.2000 1 c4 e5 2 g3 Nc6 3 Bg2 f5 4 Nc3 Nf6 5 d3 g6 6 Nf3 Bg7 7 0-0 0-0 8 Rb1 a5 9 Bd2 d6 10 Qc1 Re8 11 Bg5 Be6 12 a3 Ne7 13 Nd2 c6 14 b4 axb4 15 axb4 h6 16 Bxf6 Bxf6 17 Nb3?! Bg7 18 b5 Qc7 19 Qc2 g5 20 Nd2 f4 21 Nde4 Nf5 22 Rfc1 Nd4 23 Qd2 Qe7 24 bxc6 bxc6 25 Qd1 d5 26 cxd5 cxd5 27 Nd2 Qd7 28 Nf3 Nf5 29 Nb5 Rec8 30 Rxc8+ Rxc8 31 Na3 Qa7 32 Nb5 Qc5 33 g4 Ne7 34 h3 Rb8 35 Na3 Rxb1 36 Nxb1 e4 37 dxe4 dxe4 38 Nfd2 e3 39 fxe3 Qxe3+ 40 Kh1 h5 41 Nf1 Qf2 42 Qd8+ Kf7 43 Nbd2 Bd4 44 Nf3 Bd5 45 N1h2 Qxe2 46 Qa5 hxg4 47 hxg4 Qd1+ 48 Qe1 Qxe1+ 49 Nxe1 Be6 50 Nhf3 Bf6 51 Nd3 Ng6 52 Bh3 Ke7 53 Kg2 Kd6 54 Kf2 Ne7 55 Nde1 Nd5 56 Nc2 Kc5 57 Nd2 Bd8 58 Ne4+ Kc6 59 Nd4+ Kd7 60 Nc5+ Ke7 61 Ncxe6 Bb6 62 Ke2 Kd6 63 Kd3 Ke5 64 Nxg5 Bxd4 65 Nf3+ Kf6 66 g5+ Kg6 67 Kxd4 Ne7 68 Ke5 Kg7 69 Kxf4 Kf7 70 Ne5+ Kg7 71 Be6!! Kh7 72 Kg4 Kg7 73 Kh5 Kh7 74 Ng4 Kg7 75 Nf6 Kh8 76 Ng4 Kg7 77 Ne5 Kh7 78 Nc4!! Kg7 79 Ne3 Kh8 80 Nf5 Ng6 81 Kh6 Nf8 82 Bf7 Ne6 83 Ne7 Black resigns (Final position below)