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Rules Book - Archive

Latest rules - April 2010

Please download a zipped text file or a self extracting file of the current Chess Scotland Rules - minor revision September 2003 of a document from September 2001.

Richardson and Spens Cup rules revision - September 2009. Please download a doc file which replaces the existing section in the Rules Book.

Message from FIDE: FIDE laws draft revision - December 2008 (doc)

The Laws of Chess were revised at the Dresden General Assembly.

However, there are two parts that will need to be approved by the first Presidential
Board meeting in 2009.  Rule 6.7 and the Appendix for 960 Chess. These are
highlighted in the text.

However, in order that arbiters can be advised of the new Laws and also
for any preliminary translation work to be done, we are forwarding the new
Laws for your attention.

Any changes made at the Presidential Board meeting will be advised within 7 days of the meeting.
Changes from the current Laws are in bold text.

CS Comments to FIDE on proposed changes to Law 6.7


FIDE laws revision - November 2004

Notes on laws revision - December 2004

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