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Scottish Championships 2004

New Douglas Park - Hamilton

July 10-July 18

Click here for the dedicated website during the event run by IA Alex McFarlane.

Rowson wins Scottish

Jonathan Rowson came from a point behind to win the Scottish Championship with 4 straight wins from round 6.

Championship: 1st Jonathan Rowson 7.5/9; 2nd Jacob Aagaard 7; 3rd= Paul Motwani, Colin McNab, John Shaw 6

Seniors Championship: 1st= Alistair White, George Murphy 6/7

Under 1800 Championship: Prim Singh 6/7

Under 1500: Championship: John Smith 6/7

Scottish Lightning: 1st Elaine Rutherford 7/8

FIDE Open: 1st= Walter Burnett, Alan Tate 7/9

Weekend Open: 1st Clive Waters 5/5

Weekend Major: 1st= Martin Gourlay, David Grant, Jim Smalls, Anthony Roberts 4/5

Weekend Minor: 1st= David Cubitt, George Thomson 4.5/5

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Photos from the Championships

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