The 2016-17 Grading list is now available. Tournament organisers, area graders, CS officials and patron members should already have received a complimentary copy in pdf format.

A smaller print run was made this year to meet requests for a copy of the booklet in hard copy. Previous complimentary distribution of the booklet has been discontinued as a cost saving measure.

The pdf is available for purchase from the online membership system. There are also a few copies of the list available in hard copy.

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Latest Tournament Grading Results

The Tournament Grading Page is the main body of the grading section, and is essentially an index to all graded events processed during the season, sorted into appropriate categories with links to the individual event.  League grading data appears in both the above lists with more detailed information available at the League Page An archive of all grading data since 1997 is also retained. We welcome any feedback on possible errors in the online data. Comments will be acknowledged and a correction made if required - please email

Scottish FIDE Ratings

There are almost 400 Scottish players with a FIDE world rating and almost 800 with a FIDE registration.

Latest FIDE rating news is updated here and includes links to the monthly update of FIDE ratings, an archive of ratings, currently registered events and uploaded rating reports, rating regulations.

Registering an event for FIDE rating

FIDE ID Operating Procedure

about the grading systen
The Scottish Grading system attempts to give an accurate measure of a player's strength, based purely on results. In this introduction to the system, the Chief Grader explains the basic theory behind the system, and shows you how to calculate your grade. A subsection to the article deals with games played outwith Scotland.

And just to help you along, you can download a free Excel grading calculator devised by Alex Clark of Dundee.
Introduction: how the system works
F.A.Q for Area Graders
Games outwith Scotland
All time top juniors
First Scottish Grading List
Analysis of system performance
Grading Calculator (Self Extracting)
Grading Calculator (Zip)

Area Grader Information

Grading data is submitted by Congress organisers, League and Club secretaries around Scotland. These "Area Graders" collate the data in computer format. The data is then submitted to Chess Scotland for processing. The latest version of the Area Grading Program is posted here. The file is updated once a week with new players.
Area grader information

Grading fees

Congresses are invoiced after they submit an event to be processed. Fees are levied at a rate of so many pence per player per game. The fee rate varies depending on whether CS member discounts apply to entry fees.

Leagues and Clubs join CS principally to get games graded.

Individuals can get outside Scotland games graded free as part of membership.