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Chess Scotland status

World Events
World Senior Championship Halle/Salle, Germany Oct/Nov - dates to be announced No participation
World Youth U16 Chess Olympiad Calicut, India 1 to 9 July Not taking part on logistical and cost grounds
World Major Open Championship Scarborough, England 2 to 14 August Open tournament - no action by CS
8th World University Championship Istanbul, Turkey 6 to 11 September No interest expressed by any university students
World Junior and Girls U20 Championships Kochi, India November Selected players declined - did not participate
World Senior Team Championship Isle of Man, England 5 to 13 October No interest expressed by any team
World Olympiad Calvia, Majorca, Spain 14 to 31 October

Men's team: Jonathan Rowson, Paul Motwani, Colin McNab, John Shaw, Eddie Dearing, Steve Mannion Manager Paul Roberts. Insufficient players wanted to play to allow a women's team to be entered

World Youth Championship Heraklion Crete, Greece 3 to 14 November U18 Daniel McGowan, U16 Ivan Stokes, U14 Andrew Green and Amy Officer, U12 Connor Woods, U10 Jonathan Wright and Rhian Hughes
European Events
European Youth Team Championship Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro 9 to 18 July We will participate from 2006 once the Glorney Cup cycle is finished
European Women's Blitz Championship Open Open - no CS action
European Blitz Championship Open 16 to 22 July Open - no CS action
European Amateur Championship Pardubice, Czech Republic 21 July to 1 August 2004 Appears to be Open
European Youth Championship Capodoccia-Nevsehir, Turkey 28 July to 7 August Not taking part. Details received very late and clashed with Glorney Faber Cup. Also venue very difficult to reach. Some players already selected for the Glorney Faber Cups were asked but preferred to go to Aberdeen. CS going to the Under 16 EU Championships instead (see below)
European Individual and Team Championships for Cadets and Juniors (Rapid and Blitz) Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro 30 July to 4 August OR 18 to 21 July Not taking part on logistical and cost grounds
European Seniors Championship Arvier, Aosta Valley, Italy 10 to 18 September Open - no CS action
European Club Cup Istanbul, Turkey 2 to 10 October Open to CS Club Champion (ie Richardson Cup winner)
European Rapid Chess Championship Yerevan, Armenia 28 to 30 November Not taking part on logistical and cost grounds
Under16 EU Championships Mureck, Austria 23 to 30 August Under 16 - Ivan Stokes, Under 14 - Amy Officer, Under 12 - Connor Woods. Coach: Joe Redpath
Glorney and Faber Cup junior tournaments Aberdeen, Scotland 26 to 29 July

Glorney - Christopher McDonald, Ivan Stokes, Neil Thomson, Charles Curry and Andrew Green
Faber - Louise Macnab, Amy Officer, Rhian Hughes. Manager - Donna Officer, Coach

Tri-nation youth championships Dublin, Ireland 3 to 5 September

Under 16 - Christopher Macdonald, Hugh Brechin, Ivan Stokes, Robbie Coleman, David Oswald, Anthony Anderson

Under 14 - Andrew Green, Callum MacQueen, Alex Ian Nisbet, Amy Officer, Stuart Leslie, Adam Bremner, Natalie Donohue, Blair Hawthorne

Under 12 - Connor Woods, Ian MacGregor, Matthew O'Donnell, Rhian Hughes, Jonathan Wright, Jonathan Edwards, Ruaridh Milne, Craig Petrie

Chaperones - Donna Officer, Alex McFarlane, Norman and Maureen Mathie


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