Meeting of the International Board, Sunday 29 January 2006

Venue: Milngavie

Attendees: Jacob Aagaard (Chairman, JA), Donna Officer (DO), Stephen Mannion (SM), Tom Donohue (TD), Graeme Kafka (GK), Neil Berry (Secretary, NB)



  1. Composition and functions of the Board
  2. Vacancies and Secretary
  3. Selection Process
  4. Budget 2005-6 and 2006-7
  5. Olympiad Arrangements
  6. Glorney/ Faber Cup and Tri Nations
  7. Youth Squad next squad day date, venue and coaches
  8. Youth Squad web based training
  9. Any other business

1. Composition and function of the board is stated in the Chess Scotland Constitution (NB there's a typo in 11.2.3, this should read International Board - International Director (Open) , rather than International Director - International Director (Open) )

2.1 NB was appointed secretary.

2.2 The board felt that since there may not be a meeting prior to the next Annual General Meeting, 2 juniors should only be invited to join the Board if another meeting is scheduled (the juniors who would be approached in this event were decided upon).

3.1 The Board agreed on the following amendment to the selection process for the International side:

A player who is not a member of Chess Scotland is not eligible to be selected for Scotland .

This rule should not preclude someone who has been a regular member but merely forgotten to renew their subscription from being selected

3.2 The formula used for determining selections other than the Olympiad side, will be reviewed at least once every 12 months. NB to assist JA with next review.

3.3 DO advised that the junior selection process will remain unchanged.

4.1 The Olympiad has a £4000 budget that has traditionally been used for travel purposes. The Board agreed to pay the GMs and IMs fees from any savings made in travel costs in order to ensure Scotland field the strongest side possible.

4.2 Compulsory training for the men's team and selected others has been arranged with Mark Dvoretsky. This will take place on March 27-30.

4.3 Training will be arranged for the Women's team, and selected other individuals.

4.4 The following will be recommended as the junior international budget for 2006-7 to the financial board:

£2000 for the World Youth Championships (Russia )

£2000 for the European Youth Championships (Budva , Serbia / Montenegro , 18-30 September)

£2000 to host the tri nations

£500 for the World Junior (Yerevan , Armenia , 15-30 September)

£1200 to assist with sending a coach alongside a squad to an International Open tournament (an application will be made to the Educational Trust for this)

£0 for the Liverpool event

4.5 There will be one player selected for each age group for the World Youth and European Youth (different to last year's policy), although different players would be selected for the tournaments should the rating gap be sufficiently close.

The Board considered it appropriate to offer financial assistance for our strongest junior Steven Tweedie to play in the World Youth Championships.

5.1 In order that JA is eligible to play for Scotland in the Turin Olympiad, he is required to change federations by February 27. There is a payment required to be made to FIDE to facilitate this change, the amount being dependant on length of residency and player's title. The board recommends as a matter of some urgency that Chess Scotland pays half of this.

5.2 The Board have made this recommendation after consideration of several factors:

  • The player has stated his commitment and desire to represent Scotland , and reaffirmed this with the offer to pay half the fee.
  • The player has been selected for the Turin Olympiad by the Selection committee.
  • The player has shown a commitment to Scottish chess through his role as National Junior Coach and International Director. The player is also very active on the domestic circuit, participating in the last 2 Scottish Championships and many weekend congresses.

5.3 The Board gave their congratulations to JA for his part in organizing the return to the Olympiad of the Scotland Women's team.

6.1 Scotland are no longer officially part of the Glorney / Faber Cup cycle. However, DO advised that we had received a request from the Welsh organizer to send teams to Swansea this year with no obligation to host the event in future.

6.2 The board considered sending a team this year, with the players meeting all of the costs. This was rejected as it was felt that pressure may be applied in future years to host the event should we participate, the costs involved per player may result in a weakened or partially weakened team being sent, and that the players' chess development would be better served by playing elsewhere.

6.3 TD expressed some concerns that we withdrew from the Glorney Cup in order to participate in the European Youth Team Championships, and this has not happened. DO advised that we were due to participate in this in October 2005, but withdrew at the last minute due to safety reasons. The Board felt that this is a worthwhile event to consider participating in, but Scotland are very unlikely to enter this year.

6.4 DO still looking for a suitable venue for the Tri Nations event. The host nation responsibilities are to arrange a venue, accommodation for the teams (although each nation will pay their own accommodation costs) and transport from airports for the Irish team.

7.1 The next Youth Squad date will be Saturday 10 June.

7.2 The venue is still to be confirmed. Various possible options were discussed.

7.3 JA, SM, NB, TD to be coaches (subject to confirmation).

8.1 10 players have currently signed up for the online training.

8.2 Training will be held on Monday and Tuesday evenings, with the dates selected to suit players and trainers. The first session will be on February 28, with SM as trainer.

8.3 The trainers will be SM, GK , NB and Esben Lund, who will give a total of 12 lectures altogether.

8.4 Players (and trainers) will need to have the latest version of PlayChess in order to use the Multimedia functions to view the lectures.

9. No other business was raised.


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