2008 Olympiad Coaching by IM Stephen Mannion


Thanks to a generous donation from a Chess Scotland supporter we were able to hold coaching for our Women Olympiad players (Heather Lang, Rosie Giulian, Carey Wilman, Amy Officer and Rhian Hughes) in preparation to the Dresden Olympiad starting Thursday, 13th November.

Thanks also to Carey Wilman and the Hughes family for providing accommodation over the two weekends (end of October and start of November).

With my experience of playing in 8 previous Olympiads I hope to have laid the foundations to help our players to all have a great Olympiad and I will be at hand to carry on our good work.

During the training we focussed and talked through a variety of positions from which I reckoned the team would benefit. We looked and learned from several master games in the art of attack and defence. We went through all our players recent games where I gave them all ideas for improvement. Databases were updated to make our Olympiad preparation easier when we arrive. We also had the chance to gel as a team.

All players put in a huge effort during the training to gain as much as they could for the challenges ahead.


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