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The Final

The final stages of the Scottish Primary Schools Team Championships involving 88 children took place on Sunday 21st May at Grangemouth Community Centre. 14 teams played in the main Primary event, having qualified from earlier regional heats and 8 teams took part in the Primary 5 and under section. The venue had the advantage of being next door to the sports centre with its swimming pool and there was an adjacent park while catering was kindly organised by Glynis Grant and her mum. This was much appreciated.

The results in the Primary 5 and under section were extremely close. Jordanhill and Bishopton were ahead at the end of round 3, with 6 match points apiece. South Morningside, James Gillespies, Sciennes A and Sciennes B formed the chasing group with 3 match points each. The 2 leading teams played each other in round 4, which finished as a draw. The final outcome came down to how each team fared in the final round. In the event Bishopton won against James Gillespies, but South Morningside beat Jordanhill 3-1. Bishopton (pictured below) emerged clear winners of the tournament, but the next three teams could only be separated by game points. Jordanhill, South Morningside and Sciennes A were all in the running with 7 match points. In the final analysis Jordanhill hung on to 2nd position ahead of South Morningside by half a game point. South Morningside, in turn, finished one game point ahead of Sciennes A, narrowly pipping them for the last trophy.

Medals were also awarded to the best player on each board from the remaining teams. The best Board 1 medal went to Stefan Robertson (James Gillespies), the best Board 2 went to Aaron Simon (Sciennes A), the best Board 3 went to Gavin Steele (James Gillespies) and the best Board 4 went to Wenbo Chen (Sciennes B).

While the Primary 5 and Under results were close, the All-Primary results proved to be even closer still. After 3 rounds Bishopton were one match point ahead of Kirkhill in 2nd place. These two teams met in round 4, which resulted in a draw (sound familiar?). Meanwhile South Morningside and James Gillespies both won their 4th round matches putting them in joint 2nd position along with Kirkhill, just one match point behind Bishopton. In the final round draws between Bishopton and South Morningside, and between Kirkhill and James Gillespies, ensured the trophy went to Bishopton (pictured below). Meanwhile Banchory beat West Kilbride A to join South Morningside, Kirkhill and James Gillespies on 7 match points. Game points decided 2nd place with Banchory half a game point ahead of the rest. Tie-break rules had to be used to determine 3rd place which gave Kirkhill the trophy when the bottom board results were discounted.

As in the younger age group medals were awarded to the best player on each board from the remaining teams. The Board 1 medal went to Jamie Scott (South Morningside), Board 2 went to Shivan Murdochy (James Gillespies), Board 3 went to Jamie Forrest (New Machar) and Stuart Rankin (West Kilbride A) won the medal for Board 4.

A fun prize competition was also held during the lunch break to guess the number of e-mails sent or received by me in organising the final. Answers ranged from 0 to 1500! The winner was Ross Hannah from Bonaly with the nearest guess to the correct answer (159).

I would like to thank the arbiters Donald Wilson and Trevor Davies for their help

Congratulations to Bishopton for winning both sections.

Christine MacGregor
May 2006

The preliminary rounds

First-round games took place between November and March for this tournament in 4 different venues: Edinburgh , Paisley, Aberdeen and Glenrothes. The final for this will take place on Sunday 21 st May in Grangemouth. The following teams have qualified:

Banchory, Bishopton, Bonaly, Bruntsfield , Freuchie, Hillside, James Gillespies, Kirkhill, Newmachar, South Morningside, St John's B, St Paul's, West Kilbride A, West Kilbride B.

The Primary 5 and under Team Final will also take place at the same time. Teams are Bishopton, Bruntsfield, Cramond, Holy Cross, James Gillespies, Jordanhill, Kenmay, Sciennes A, Sciennes B, South Morningside .

Background information

The Scottish Schools Primary Team Championship has been running for over 20 years and is open to all Scottish Primary Schools. In addition to the main Championship there is a separate competition for "P5 & Under" teams. (This does not mean that "P5 & Under" pupils are excluded from the main Championship: they may be part of a primary team, or may enter as an entire team, if they wish.)

There is a very healthy interest this year in the Primary Team events, enough to run 4 regional heats across Scotland in the all-Primary event. The final stage of the competition (including the Primary 5 and under competition) will take place on 21 May 2006 at a central location.

All-Primary (38 teams)

North-East (organiser Sheila Emery) - Newtonhill, Bachory A, Banchory B, Greenwards (Elgin), Kemnay and Newmachar. (6)

Lothians (organiser Jeremy Hughes)- Bonaly, South Morningside A, South Morningside B, Gillespies, Burntsfield, Heriots, Sciennes A, Sciennes B, Parson Green A. (9)

Fife and Tayside (organiser Stuart Blythe) - HIllside (Dundee), Glenrothes area (4 teams) (5)

West and South-West Scotland (organiser Christine MacGregor)
Bishopton A, Bishopton B, St Joseph's A, St Joseph's B (Milngavie), West Kilbride A, West Kilbride B, St John's (Barrhead), Holy Cross A, Holy Cross B, Kirkhill, Holy Family A, Holy Family B, St Helen's A, St Helen's B, Jordanhill, Georgetown (Dumfries), Cross Arthurlie. (17)

P5 and under (11 teams)

Banchory C, Banchory D, South Morningside C, Sciennes C, Sciennes D, Cramond C, Ladywood, Gillespies, Bishopton C, Holy Cross C, Jordanhill. (11)

Christine MacGregor

(e-mail: Christine MacGregor)


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