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Chess Scotland Primary Team Championship 2007-08

Victoria Halls, Dunblane
18 May 2008
  Report by Christine MacGregor

The final of the Chess Scotland Primary Schools Team Championships, involving 84 children, took place on Sunday 18th May 2008 at Victoria Halls, Dunblane. This was a new venue with good weather outside and a large, beautifully decorated, hall inside. Teams came from all areas of Scotland : Golspie in the north, Georgetown in the south, Earlston in the Borders and many other areas in between.

The 11 teams in the All-Primary section: Kirkhill, Bishopton, Georgetown, Sciennes, James Gillespies, Bonaly, Hillside, Dollar, West Kilbride, Golspie and Earlston.

KirkhillIn the All-Primary event Kirkhill and Bishopton shared the lead at the end of round 3 with 5 match points each, having drawn against each other in round 3. By the end of round 4 both teams maintained their lead over the rest, with Georgetown, Sciennes, James Gillespies and Bonaly now two match points behind. In the final round Kirkhill had a solid win against Georgetown. Bishopton beat Bonaly, but dropped one game and drew another. 1st and 2nd places were decided by game points. Kirkhill emerged winners of the trophy. The runners-up were Bishopton while 3rd place went to James Gillespies.


Medals were also awarded to the best player on each board from the remaining teams. The best Board 1 medal went to Ben He (Sciennes), the best Board 2 went to Euan Davies (Georgetown), the best Board 3 went to Piers Armitage (Sciennes) and the best Board 4 went to Scott Goodman (Bonaly).

The 10 teams in the Primary 5 & Under section: James Gillespies B, Kirkhill B, Jordanhill, Sciennes B, Bishopton B, West Kilbride B, Georgetown B, Bishopton C, Hillside B and Sciennes C.

Sciennes BIn the Primary 5 & Under section, Kirkhill B was out in front at the end of round 3, with Jordanhill in second position. Sciennes B, Bishopton B and Georgetown B were just behind. In round 4 Sciennes B played Bishopton B and was the only team in the leading group to win in that round. Kirkhill B still maintained their lead, drawing with Jordanhill. At the start of the final round there was still scope for several outcomes. Sciennes B emerged the winners, beating Kirkhill B. Jordanhill finished in second place and Kirkhill B were 3 rd .

As in the All-Primary competition, medals were awarded to the best player on each board from the remaining teams. The best Board 1 medal went to Jeremy Scott (James Gillespies B), the best Board 2 went to Sam Allison (James Gillespies B), the best Board 3 went to Ross Jack (West Kilbride B) and the best Board 4 went to Michael Morrison (Bishopton B).

A fun prize competition for the players was also held during the lunch break to guess the number of e-mails I sent or received while organising the final. Answers ranged from 12 to 6284! The winner was Jack Cook from Bishopton with the nearest guess to the correct answer of 225. There was a separate fun quiz for the adults.

I would like to thank the arbiters Donald Wilson and Trevor Davies for their help during the day. I would also like to thank Ann Dickson for allowing us to use such a splendid venue and for making our day in Dunblane so enjoyable.


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