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Glorney Cup July 2003
report by Graeme Nolan

Final Round: Scotland achieved 3rd place in the Glorney cup 2003 in Rosice, Czech Republic.
Here are the final round results:

Joe Redpath 0 - 1 Matthew Dignam (2124)
Daniel McGowan 1 - 0 Simon Jeffares (2036)
Colin Hall 1 - 0 Karl McPhillips (2045N)
Chris MacDonald 0.5-0.5 Delaney Killian (1987N)
Louise Macnab 0.5-0.5 Branigan Steven (1849N)


Joe played a very nice game to reach a rook anding with one pawn extra and should have been winning comfortably but fell into time trouble and blundered horribly, eventually leaving Dignam with a pure Q v R position which he converted well.

Daniel equalised easily on the black side of a Tarrasch French and gradually improved his position, gaining space in the middlegame. When Jeffares dropped a pawn, no doubt confused by Daniel's active knights, it was only a matter of time.

Christopher and Louise both drew fairly comfortably although Louise was struggling slightly before the end.

Colin was the star of the final round - the last game to finish and a win for 3rd place ie. in the prizes. Colin kept up the pressure against McPhillips King's Indian Defence and after a tense struggle, won the exchange and, in time trouble had to win with K, R v K, N which he did easily with his flag on the brink to win the match. Doing this with everyone gathered around watching isn't easy, well done Colin!

Other Results:

Final 'A': Czech Republic 1 - 4 The Netherlands

Final 'B': Slovakia 3 - 2 Wales
England 4 - 1 Belgium

The Netherlands won the Glorney Cup for another year (and the Faber Cup too)!

1st The Netherlands
2nd Czech Republic
3rd Scotland

Scotland will host the event in summer, 2004.

Report July 17:

Round 4:
Joost Michiesen (2190) 1/2-1/2 Joe Redpath
Daan Brandenburg(2213) 1 - 0 Daniel McGowan
Sander Van Eijk (2233) 1 - 0 Colin Hall
Tjapko Struik (2189) 0 - 1 Chris MacDonald
Ali Bitalzadeh (2181) 1 - 0 Louise Macnab


It was very unfortunate that we didn't draw 2.5-2.5 with the Dutch team. Joe was in difficulties but generated good counterplay against Michielsen and the players agreed a draw, perhaps prematurely.
Daniel was worse for most of the game but looked like he might hold on for a draw in the, almost level, knight ending. Unfortunately Danny played what he describes as "my worst blunder in years" and dropped a pawn in 1 move. After this his loss was certain.
Colin played very well on the Black side of a King's Indian Defence but obtained a slightly worse position in an opposite bishops middlegame where white had attacking chances. Colin set up a very strong fortress and looked to be holding Van Eijk to a draw. Unfortunately one slip left white with an important tempo and with it, even more attacking chances. Eventualy forced into zugswang, Colin had to sacrifice a pawn, but in time trouble chose the wrong one and Van Eijk soon won.
Christopher played a very mature, well controlled attack against his opponent's Rubinstein variation of the English. Following a clever tactic to win a pawn, Chris kept total control of the centre and gradually improved his position, stepping up the pressure against his opponents uncastled king. The "wee man" finished the game in style with a lovely exchange sacrifice to force mate. I have been Chris' coach several times in international junior events and I believe this game was probably the best I have seen. Excellent.
Everyone felt very sorry for Louise as she had outplayed Bitalzadeh to reach an ending with an extra pawn. Despite this advantage, the placement of the pieces allowed white to soon win back a pawn and then when material was level again, he was actually better! Louise tried her best to equalize and soon arrived at a K + N + 3P v K + N + 2P al on one side. The best policy was probably to sit back and let her opponent do all the work ie. create a passed pawn etc. However lOUise played natural, but incorrect, active moves to restrict her opponent but ultimately these moves left her pawns weak and she eventually lost after some further tough defence.
It was an unfortunate end to a very good performance.

Other results:

Group 'A' (Final): Ireland 1.5-3.5 Czech Republic

Group 'B' : Wales 2-3 England
Belgium 3-2 Slovakia

Today Scotland play Ireland. If we win, we will have third place in the Glorney Cup.

Tonight we plan to go to a resteraunt for dinner since the green 'sludge' we were given last night, though no doubt nutritional, was rather boke.

Graeme Nolan (Scotland Coach)

Report July 16: Rounds 2 and 3 of the Glorney cup took place yesterday (15th) in Rosice, Czech Republic.
In round 2 Scotland faced the mighty Czech team:

Petr Martin (2236) 1/2-1/2 Joe Redpath
Thomas Zeleny(2187) 1 - 0 Daniel McGowan
Jindrich Kuba(2158) 1 - 0 Colin Hall
Bronislav Vyzmazal(2229) 1 - 0 Chris MacDonald
Martin Tiaskai (2068) 1/2-1/2 Louise Macnab


Colin lost a very interesting game with attacks on both flanks but was probably worse for most of the game. Louise is playing very well and should have won today had she not missed her opportinity at the right moment. The score could have been closer.

Other round 2 results:

Group 1: Ireland 3.5-1.5 Slovakia
Netherlands 3.5-1.5 England

Group 2: Belgium 1 - 4 Wales

Then Belgium in round 3:

Joe Redpath 1 - 0 Thibaut Maenhout(1872)
Daniel McGowan 1/2-1/2 Luc Vanstreels (1702)
Colin Hall 0 - 1 Florian Mottart (1660)
Chris MacDonald 1 - 0 Tom Van De Perre(1525)
Louise Macnab 1/2-1/2 Peter Colin (----)


Joe outplayed his opponent despite missing a simple tactic on move 24. Daniel was very dissatisfied with his opening and was pleasantly surprised when his opponent offered a very premature draw. Colin was perhaps slightly better for the first half of the game but, in an equal position, played a horrific blunder, dropping a pawn with check and soon lost. Christopher played a nice open game and made the most of his chances to win the full point. Louise was completely winning in round 3 having outplayed her opponent from the word go. She once again missed her big chance to net the point with a simple capture and instead had to try and win a queen ending with an extra pawn and exposed kings. Eventually she had to agree a draw due to perpetual check.

Other results from round 3:

Group 1: England 2 - 3 Ireland
Slovakia 0.5-4.5 The Netherlands

Group 2: Wales 1 - 4 Czech Republic

And the good news is that SCOTLAND HAVE QUALIFIED for the final group 'A'! They will join Czech Republic, The Netherlands and Ireland to fight it out for the Glorney cup.

The standings in group 'A' are:

Czech Republic 4
The Netherlands 3.5
Ireland 1.5
Scotland 1

(only points from the match with Czech Republic 'carry' into the final sice they too are in group 'A')

Today Scotland face The Netherlands in a tough match. We beat them last year, can we do it again?

Update tomorrow morning!

Graeme Nolan (Scotland Coach)


Report July 15: The Glorney and Faber cup tournaments have started in the small town of Rosice near Brno in the Czech Republic.
Scotland are competing in the Glorney Cup - our team (in board order) being Joe Redpath, Daniel McGowan, Colin Hall, Christopher MacDonald and Louise Macnab.

Scotland got off to a good start by beating Wales in Round 1:

J Redpath 1/2 - 1/2 I Rees (2179)
D McGowan 0 - 1 J Blackburn(2181)
C Hall 1 - 0 C Arnold (1835)
C MacDonald 1 - 0 D Spencer (1885)
L Macnab 1 - 0 G Johnston (1623)


The other results for round 1 were:

Group 1 : Netherlands 3.5-1.5 Ireland
England 1.5-3.5 Slovakia

Group 2 : Czech Republic 5-0 Belgium

Today Scotland play The Czech Republic and then Belgium. If we gain enough points, we will qualify for Group A in the finals which take place on Wednesday and Thursday ... watch this space!!

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