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Edinburgh - 2 to 4 April 2004

by Alex McFarlane

The 2004 Age Championships were held in George Heriots, Edinburgh as part of the Edinburgh Congress. 60 entries were received for the various events.

Chess Scotland is indebted to Fiona Petrie for controlling the event at very short notice.

There was a combined U12-U16 event in which the overall winner was Ian MacGregor with 5/5
U15/16 Champion: Hugh Calder
U14 Champion: Euan Sime
U13 Champion: Callum Vipond
U12 Champion: Ian MacGregor
U11 Champion: Craig Petrie 5/5; 2nd Hugo Visscher; 3rd= Connor Blair,Struan Robertson,Campbell Kerr, Kristian Roberts.
U10 Champion: Stuart MacQueen, 2nd Alex North
U9 Champion: Callum Roberts 5/5; 2nd Ali Roy; 3rd= Andrew McClement, Scott Jordan.
U8 Champion: Calum MacDonald, 2nd Daniel Thomas

Ian MacGregor reports on the event and annotates one of his games:

The Scottish Age Championships take place once a year to find the best
player in each age group. This year they were held at George Heriot's
School in Edinburgh on the 3rd and 4th April. The very first tournament
I entered, aged 6, was the Age Championships in 1999. That year I won
the under-8's and for this reason I have always wanted to enter every
year to defend my title. This was my 6th successive year.

I was surprised, however that the Age Championships were held on the
same weekend as the Edinburgh Congress and so I couldn't enter both
events. After a lot of thought I decided to enter the Age
Championships, but many other juniors made the opposite decision There
was a separate competition for under-8's, under-9's, under-10's and
under-11's, but the under-12's to under-16's were combined with the
winner in each age group being the player who scored the most points.

My games on Saturday went well, but on Sunday they got tougher in rounds
4 and 5. However, I scraped through due to my endgame knowledge, to win
not only the under-12 title but the whole under-12 to under-16

Event: Age Championships 2004, Under-12 to Under-16 tournament
Round: 5
Date: 04/04/04
White: John Tawdrous Grade 882
Black: Ian MacGregor grade 1260
Result: 0-1

1. d4 d5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. e3 Bf5 4. c3 e6 5. Bd3 Bg6 6. Bxg6 fxg6
(Black would have been better with hxg6 to take forward the centre.) 7.
Nbd2 Nf6 8. O-O Bd6 9. Qc2 O-O 10. Re1 Ne7 11. e4 dxe4
exchange is forced but leaves Black with an isolated Pawn.)
12. Nxe4 Ned5 13. Nxf6+ Qxf6 14. Bg5 Qf7 15. Rad1 h6 16. Be3 Nxe3
17. Rxe3 Rae8 18. h3 Bf4
(Why did White do this?)
19. Ree1 Qf6 20. a3 (Why?) 20... e5? (Error, as exchange leaves g6
undefended!) 21. dxe5 Bxe5 22. Nxe5 Rxe5 23. Rxe5 Qxe5 24. Qxg6
(Wins Pawn!) 24... Qe2 25. Qb1 Qxf2+ (Wins Pawn back!)
26. Kh1 Qf7 27. Qc2 Qe6 28. b4 c6 29. a4 Qc4 30. a5 b5
31. axb6ep
(Error for White) 31... axb6 32. Qd3 Qxd3 33. Rxd3 Rf1+
34. Kh2 Rc1 35. b5?
(Error for White) 35... cxb5 36. Rd5 Rxc3
37. Rxb5 Rc6 38. Kg3 Kf7 39. Kf4 Ke6 40. Ke4 Kd6 41. g4 g5
42. Kd4 Kc7 43. Kd5 Rc3
(Threatens White's h-Pawn!) 44. Rb4 Rd3+
45. Kc4 Rxh3
(Black goes up 2 Pawns.) 46. Kb5 Rc3 47. Re4 Rc5+
48. Kb4 Rd5 49. Rc4+ Kd6 50. Re4 Kc6 51. Rc4+ Rc5 52. Re4 Rd5
53. Rc4+ Kd6 54. Re4 Rc5
(At this stage Black has to be careful to
prevent the position being repeated 3 times, or White could claim
a draw!) 55. Rd4+ Ke5 56. Rd3 Rd5 57. Re3+ Kd6 (Kf4 leads to easy win.)
58. Re4 Rd1 59. Kc4 Rf1 60. Kd4 Rf4 (Forces an exchange of Rooks!) 61.
Rxf4 gxf4 62. Ke4 Kc5 63. Kxf4 Kd4 64. Kf5 b5
(Black aims to promote his
b-Pawn.) 65. Kg6 b4 66. Kxh6 b3 67. g5 b2 68. g6 b1Q 69. g7 Qh1+ (End of
game!) 70. Kg6 Qe4+ 71. Kf7 Qf5+ 72. Kg8 Ke5 73. Kh8 Qh5+
74. Kg8 Kf6 75. Kf8 Qf7
# 0-1

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