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Primary Individual

Residential weekend - invitation only
18-20 June 2010

Crosstable of results

Final list of participants

01 Fergus Skillen

02 Kai Pannwitz

03 Alexander Bond

04 Ciaran Jenkins

05 Wenbo Chen

06 Declan Shafi

07 Jamie Underwood

08 Stuart Wynne

09 Andrew Reilly

10 Blair Smith

11 Moray Lennox

12 Colin Howie

13 Conall McCormick

14 Murad Abdulla

15 Rishi Pandya

16 Captiva Mills

17 Liam Richmond

18 Nicholas Straw

19 Rowan Pathi

20 Tom McFadyen

21 Sam Allison

22 John Gregory

23 Jeremy Scott

24 Greg Burnett

25 Paddy McCarron

26 Andrew Mccusker

27 Sharan Maiya

28 Rebekah Jack

29 Leora Wadler

30 Karima Ameur

31 Sarah Birkett

32 Matthew McLaughlin


Key information : Cost £69/£79 each (depending if one or two night option taken).
Why the increase in cost to previous years? More activities, 3 hot meals a day. & now the option of an additional night

This is not just a chess tournament, it is also a character & team building weekend.

Arrival & Registration: from 5pm, SUPPER available until 9pm.

Various organised games, chess coaching

8.30am: Breakfast for Friday night residents

Arrival & Registration: 9.45am

10am: Round 1

11.30am: Round 2

1pm: Lunch

2pm: Activities
(including: Caving, Archery, Treasure Hunt)


6.30pm: Round 3

8.00pm: Round 4



8.30am: Breakfast

9.15am: Continue with activities (incl:Team building exercises)

12.00pm: Lunch

1.00pm: Round 5

2.30pm: Round 6

4.00pm: Prize Giving

4.30pm: Departure

In between rounds & chill out time can be spent in chill out room or Tipi – chess coaching also available throughout the weekend.

Resident arbiters, coaches & chaperones: Donald Wilson – Andy Howie - Jacqui Thomas - Phil Thomas – Lisa MacLennan – Connor Woods


Culzean Castle

The range of interests and activities at Culzean provides a perfect day out for the family. Robert Adam's castle, built 1772-1790 for David, 10th Earl of Cassillis on a clifftop site associated with the Kennedy family since the late 14th century, is notable for the Oval Staircase and Circular saloon. The castle contains a good collection of pictures and 18th-century furniture, together with an armoury, set up in the 19th century. There is an Eisenhower Room recalling the General's links with Scotland .

Country Park

Culzean was Scotland 's first Country Park , created in 1969 and consisting of 563 acres. There is a wealth of interest from shoreline through the Deer Park . Dolphin House is set in the grounds of the park.


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