Leagues 1998-1999

  •  Ayrshire
  •  Borders
  •  Central
  •  Dumbarton
  •  Edinburgh
  •  Glasgow
  •  Lanarkshire
  •  North East Scotland
  •  SNCL
  •  Tayside & Fife
League tables are available here from around Scotland. Many thanks to all controllers who supplied league information throughout the season. If your league was not included then encourage your officials to send data to be posted on the web page. The SCA web page is now read by over 70 people per day - it is the easiest way to publicise your league.

Data should be supplied as the statistics output file (stats.out) from an area grader's league program. This could be e-mailed or sent on disk.

Please contact the area or chief grader immediately if any errors are spotted. The idea is to eliminate errors before grading list publication. Additional info regarding missing first names/incorrect ages/spellings is always welcomed.