We are sure that you would like to join with Chess Scotland and Championship Director Alex McFarlane in expressing our gratitude to our anonymous benefactor. This person's magnificent gesture will ensure one of the best Scottish Championships of all time.

Sponsorship for the other Championship events is still welcome as is sponsorship for future years and of other Chess Scotland events.

Thanks Benefactor

The AGM unanimously asked me to pass on its appreciation of your generosity. We had a lot of happy people and positive comments being made. Other comments coming in:

George Murphy: "This generous donation is simply wonderful news. But, allowing us the flexibility to buy the Boards upfront is the icing on the cake!

OK, we have to pay back to the Scottish Championship in due course, but this jump start is such an advantage. What an 'unexpected consequence' - and you can say that in spades.

We are honoured to have such an enlightened benefactor, and I hope Alex stresses that. Congratulations to him and to all in Chess Scotland who have made this possible. But, above all, thank you to a kind, self-effacing benefactor."

David Congleton: "I'll keep this brief. This is fantastic news for Scottish Chess and a fantastic opportunity. I attended today's meeting and to be honest, expected 5 hours of dull debate and to be thoroughly bored. I even had a pillow with me, in my car.

I couldn't have been more wrong. This exciting little cat in the bag has me looking forward to the coming season with more than a little childlike glee and I can now add the Scottish Championships 2012, to my birthday and to Christmas, as things I really, really can't wait for. How many sleeps til round one.

I would like to thank the anonymous benefactor who has made this possible. It is really a tremendous gesture. Thanks also to Alex McFarlane for his hard work in organising the 2011 event and for his 'negotiations' (not sure how the whole thing has come about) in securing such marvellous backing."

Daniel Rocks: "Great News!"

Dick Heathwood: "Please pass on my thanks to the anonymous benefactor who has supported chess in Scotland in such a generous manner. Please let him know that his/her support is very much appreciated and reassure him/her that the money will be well spent. I am writing both as a member and in my official role."

Angus McDonald: "This is fantastic news. Well done to all involved and of course the benefactor."

Mac McKenzie: "Fantastic news about the financial support for the event in the future, just what we need to make it a really prestigious event."

Graham Morrison: "Great news!"

Colin Paterson: "Just what Scottish Chess needs. Thank you."

Alan Tate FM: "Excellent news!"

John Shaw GM: "Excellent news. Well done the anonymous benefactor."

Andrew McHarg: "I wish to express my sincere thanks to our benefactor for such a magnificent gesture! This has truly brought a high level of excitement for Chess in Scotland."